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WomenLookingInMiroorAging is inevitable but that doesn’t mean you can’t have radiant skin and look youthful. If you know the right makeup tricks, you can easily erase years off your face and look younger than your age! Excited to find out? Wondering what these tricks are? Then read on to crack the code….

Avoid Dark Lip Liners

Dark lip liners and shades draw attention to the fine lines around the lips and can give away your age easily. To look younger and distract people from noticing your fine lines, apply a soft lip color and then top it with a nice gloss for a fresh and youthful shine. Try brands like DuWop Reverse.

Lighten-Up on Foundation and Concealer

Heavy makeup can make you look, not just cakey, but it also seeps into wrinkles and make them appear deeper. So avoid it! Go for tinted moisturizers and lightweight liquid foundations. These don’t settle into the wrinkles or emphasize them. In fact, they help create the illusion of a glowing complexion, which is much needed with age to look younger and attractive. We recommend brands like Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra Light Skin Perfecting Makeup and also, Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint SPF 20.

Choose the Right Blush

Well, nothing says pretty and youthful like a flush of beautiful pink across the cheeks. Try using a bright blush in, of course, a small amount (don’t get carried away) to keep your skin complexion radiant and fresh.

Line Your Lashes

Add a touch of youth by lining your lashes with a black liner. This will make your eyes pop and look bigger. And the good part about it is that you don’t have to do excessive make-up to glam up. A little blush, black eye liner and glossy lips, are the perfect way to age gracefully and make younger girls envy you!

women with acneThe selfie-obsession has taken the world by storm. Living in this era with a flawed skin with hyper-pigmentation, redness and dark circles just makes you want to either skip parties or master Adobe Photoshop so that you can modify your selfies, giving them a picture-perfect look. What if we told you that you don’t have to learn any new software or miss awesome parties just because of that red colored big zit that arrived on your face like an unwanted guest? Excited already? Itching to find out? Well, then here you go. To neutralize your skin discoloration and imperfections, and flaunt a flawless look, all you need is a ‘color corrector’. We call it a total game changer.

Color Corrector 101 – What is it? 

Unlike a concealer, a color corrector doesn’t conceal your flaws; it neutralizes the area of imperfection and corrects it. Sometimes, it is better to color correct your flaws than to conceal them. For example, if you have black or blue dark circles, then concealing a color on top of another will just end up giving you a cakey look and what’s worse is that it makes the skin’s flaws stand out even more. And that’s something you definitely don’t want!
Color correction technique is good for anyone with mild to extreme skin color related issues. Though slight discoloration problems can be managed with a good quality foundation and a concealer; but if you are looking for perfection, then a color corrector is your best bet.

How to Make Your Pick?

color wheel2When choosing a color corrector, there are two things to consider, color and consistency. You need to make sure that you are get the right consistency and hue for what you are trying to mask. The best way to make a confident choice is to understand the color wheel theory which is that complementary colors or opposites on the color wheel, cancel each other out. So, as red is directly across green, you know what that means? Yes, you got that right! A green color corrector can be used to cancel out skin redness.

Understanding Color Basics to Get the Right Color Corrector

Here are some basics you should know to color correct your flaws:
1.    As we discussed above, green corrects extreme redness that may result from breakouts, rashes and even birthmarks. Try using brands like Maybelline Coverstick in Green or Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting primer in Green to counter redness.
2.    Yellow color corrector is good to treat pink and mild red hues that may result from Rosacea, skin sensitivity or broken capillaries. Clinique Redness solutions targeted Corrector is a great choice for such conditions.
3.    Use an orange or a peach color corrector to counter blue hues on your skin that may occur due to dark circles and dark spots caused by aging and sun damage. We recommend Bobbi Brown Color Corrector in Peach to neutralize these problems flawlessly.
4.    To correct olive sallow skin, pink color corrector is perfect. Light shades of pink will do! Try using L'Oréal Studio Secrets Professional Color Correcting Primers Anti-Dull Skin Primer.

Don’t you just hate it when your skin breaks out on the day when you have to attend a party or a big event? Ah, we have all had those days. But thanks to makeup products like concealers, hiding flaws and getting a flawless skin is now easy, but only when we know how to use these products the right way.

Besides hiding pimples, you can also use a concealer to mask dark circles, large pores, blemishes, age spots and more. Now let us take a look at how and where to use it, shall we?

girl applying makupWhether we talk about Rihanna, J.L.O, Eva Mendes, Taylor Swift or Angelina Jolie, pretty much everyone uses foundation to flaunt their flawless skin on the red carpet. So, if you thought they were all naturally born with spotless skin or that they drink gallons of water to keep their skin naturally beautiful, then now you know what our favorite beauties use to make heads turn and steal the spotlight.

Applying foundation can be tricky. If you know how to apply it, you can rock a great look but if you don’t, then it can turn into a disaster – where your face is of a different color than the rest of your body. It’s not that celebs don’t make makeup mistakes. We’ve seen many of them go wrong and often wondered ‘Did they pay for that?’ or ‘Do they even own mirrors?’ but, hey, we all learn from our mistakes, right? So, why not master what we don’t know?